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Talking Zoro Luffy Pendant Plush Toy Keychain

Talking Zoro Luffy Pendant Plush Toy Keychain

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Press to sound

Please note:

Please wait for a sound to finish playing before pressing again, otherwise the sound will be confused to repeat the first sound.

Zoro(A and B)


2.So? Do you want to ask for directions?

3.Leave me alone!

4.I cut the snot!

5.Tarzan yell

6.I got on the wrong ship!


1.Luffy's Baka song (Minami no shima wa Attakee,Atama pokapoka,Aho bakka)

2.Luffy's Exit song( Exit...Exit...Exit,Where are you?)

3.Nami,I want to go out to play,give me some pocket money!


5.Hahaha! You are so rude!

6.Hey,hey,hey! It's's me!


Keychain/Bag charm/Decoration


Size: 11.5*9.5cm

Specification: Single Package Origin: Mainland China

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